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Located in the heart of Las Vegas, NV 89146, TLC Nail Salon & Bar has become an industry leader in nail services. Our nail salon was founded on the idea of delivering only the finest nail and spa services to clients all over the Las Vegas area. Our best services: manicure, pedicure, waxing, nail design,,,


Solar nails are similar to acrylic artificial nails but have some key differences. Whereas acrylic artificial nails are often just glued on top of the existing fingernail, solar nails are attached directly to the fingernail, serving more as an enhancement for natural fingernails rather than being an artificial nail. They also maintain a glossy appearance that does not easily fade over time, which gives them another distinct advantage over standard artificial nails.

Solar nails also help give a woman’s hands a unique decorative and elegant appeal. Solar nail designs vary wildly, ranging from your standard plain fingernail appearance to highly painted and intricate designs, and even sporting various shapes. Basically, with solar nails, the sky is the limit in regards to how you want your nails to look.

How much do Solar Nails cost?

Solar Full Set Pink & White....50$

Solar Fill...25$

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